Hello to new Clydesdale Neighbours; Good-bye to Llamas

Mark & Dottie arrived recently to our neighbours’ pasture, looking large & lovely! They stay close together, exploring their new home. Dottie has a shyness about her, as she peaks at me from the back of Mark. Mark makes a strange guttural sound which does not seem very horsey.The long wisps of feathery hair on their legs & clearly defined white markings on their faces show grace & strength. Now, the 4  Heathcote Haven Quarter Horses are having a bit of trouble adjusting to their new equine friends. If I could describe them in a human way, I would suggest that they are jealous with their noses out of joint! Even carrots don’t soften their curtness with me as I try to show them some affection! Instead, they all hold their heads stiffly & forget their manners when getting treats. Raven, our Black Lab, is starting to win Mark & Dottie’s hearts as their eyes follow her motions & moves. Although I miss the 3 Llamas, I think the evolving personalities of the Clydesdale will delight many a guest & ourselves at Heathcote Haven B&B.



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