Heathcote: Our newest Neighbour

Heathcote, the foal, is not yet a week old but is stealing the hearts of those who can see her! Her mother is admirably protective of her new baby, standing over him as he sleeps & standing close to him as he takes his shaky steps. Gerald, the stallion & father to Heathcote is only a paddock away, looking quite proud. The contrast in size of the Clydesdales next door to us & this new foal across the road from us is remarkable! Our B&B guests on the weekend were thrilled with the bonus of viewing Heathcote & the Clydesdales! Last night, we sat on our deck watching young riders cantering on their horses around the neighbour’s pond, the Clydesdales socializing with 3 other horses, & hearing the neighing of many hoses in our immediate area. It was awesome! The senses become alive with such sounds & sights!


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