July 1st Weekend was amazing!

Our B&B was full all w/e with cyclists & motorcyclists! The weather was perfect for riding the Georgian Trail & roads in & around this beautiful area. The longest cycle was 75 km. I can’t imagine it myself, but to them, it was wonderful! Besides the rides, we heard about their exploration of the area, like the Bruce Wine Bar, Simplicity Bistro & Bridges; all great restaurants in Thornbury.Our guests were impressed the quality of food as well as the service offered at these establishments. We love to hear the comments about the “sense of community” & how obvious it is that everyone helps each other. The usual comments to follow are about the wish to come back to the area; to further explore; to return to places the they have fallen in love with. Who cannot want to go back to The Cheese Gallery! So, our home is quiet now, with the moon rising & a memory of our guests, sitting in the muskoka chairs, watching Kingfishers zoom into the pond for a fish treat! Look forward to their return; glad we are here!


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