The Dam Pub is “Dam Great!”

We were rocking’ to the McKenzie Blues Band @ The Dam Pub, on the patio, Saturday night. 5 amazing musicians entertained for 2 hours. This was a CD release occasion, supported & promoted by The Dam Pub. The evening started with yummy mussels that I had to protect from wandering hands @ my table. The beer was ice-cold & our server made sure we had everything we needed. This eatery has more diversity than the choices of chewing gum! Imagine having well over 600 whiskies, not to mention so many other options of drink & food to quench thirst or tease the palate. I attended a whiskey tasting night recently whereby Stephanie captivated the small audience with her knowledge & expertise of the 3 single malts she has chosen for tasting! Quietly, with senses ready to be awakened by wee sips of gold, we began. Of course, I would be remiss to not mention “Manicure & Martinis”; a once monthly evening, perfect for “Girls’ Night Out!” Aside from food & drink, the calendar is rich with professional musicians on special nights or casual celtic musicians who come to jam twice monthly. For all the reasons above,The Dam Pub has become one of the destinations for our B&B Guests. Anyone can follow them on Facebook so just follow the link on their website @ http://www.the



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