About Us

Heathcote Haven Bed & Breakfast opened in February 2011. It was a new venture for us, so, you can imagine we were as excited as we were nervous. Coming from 2 different & long careers, we asked ourselves if our work background would be helpful in the B&B business. Our guests seem to like how well Peter & I work together, in the kitchen and as hosts. What we have discovered is that our lives have become richer since we started Heathcote Haven. Learning about other countries and cultures has been eye-opening for us. Sometimes, we have guests who like to relax in their suites more than talk with the hosts. We also learn from them. Relaxing and taking in the calm of our B&B is very special. Of course, Raven, our Black Lab, is a huge part of the B&B. Loved by all and feared by none! She’s often described as the nicest dog ever!