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P.S. Our new website address will be the same as before. http://www.heathcotehavenbb.com


It’s great to feel like an Ambassador for a Canada B&B

Before Peter and I started our B&B near Collingwood and Thornbury, we were told that people from all over the world will come to stay with us. The idea was exciting but, of course, we were not sure that it would happen as quickly as it did. We have felt such a privilege to welcome B&B guests from India, France, China, south Korea and Japan. The exchange of conversation is rich as we share about Canada and our wonderful province of Ontario. Many of our international guests plan to tour the country eventually. That is an amazing feat! Peter and I also learn about the various countries represented by our guests and hope to have opportunities to travel places in the world that we have become more curious about. In the meantime, our big travel plans will wait as we continue to enjoy this chapter of our lives as Canadian bed and breakfast hosts!

Google +

Google +

I still consider myself a novice on Facebook; struggling with switching from personal to business pages & still making a double post of the same material because of a slip of the finger. In spite of this, I have decided to join Google + as well. Now, I need to learn about circles & hangouts. Why am I doing this to myself, you might ask. Well, I believe in the power of social media. Recently, I attended a business-related function & a face to face introduction reminded 2 of us that we had networked our businesses via Facebook & LinkedIn. Talk about an ice breaker! I am posting my google + Please have a look.


Not just for vacationers!

When the phrase, bed & breakfast comes to mind, do you think of a getaway break or mini vacation? Well, the reason people are choosing to stay at bed & breakfasts is becoming broader. We are experiencing a change in our guests’ purposes to stay with us. A city doctor doing a locum for a local doctor, an out-of-town guest who comes to this area to maintain appointments with long-time doctor, couples exploring the real estate market & business people who have meetings requiring overnight stays. We expect the reasons to grow as word gets out that B&Bs are a great alternative to motels/hotels. Heathcote Haven B&B has been described by our guests as peaceful, calm & amazingly comfortable with great amenities. Also, the restaurants in Thornbury are becoming favourites to many. We pride ourselves with personal attention to each guest & their particular needs. We now see them coming back! What better compliment!

A complimentary stay for Vets on Remembrance Day week-end!

In a campaign called B & B for Vets, Heathcote Haven B&B will join other B&Bs in opening their doors to a “Vet” couple with a complimentary stay for a night on the week-end of  November 11, 2012.  Our special guests will enjoy a wonderful breakfast the next morning after a comfy night’s sleep.“We are thrilled that we can participate in this campaign. It’s one small way we can thank those serving in the military and their families for the important work they do. The B&Bs for Vets program started in West Virginia in 2008 in honour of Veteran’s Day in the US. Last year, BBCanada.com took the initiative to create more awareness for the campaign in Canada. They look forward to even greater participation this fall.


The “Firsts” of our guests & for our B&B!

Last week-end, it was the first kayak experience for one of our guests @ Free Spirit Tours. So excited before the trip & so thrilled with the lesson! She now sounds “sold” on the sport!     A couple chose to try their “first” zip line @ Scenic Caves. It was a surprise for the husband who may not have gone with prior warning! Wait until I tell them that they can  now go tandem on the Thunderbird Zip! This week-end, we had our “first” honeymoon couple! They arrived, late @ night, after their wedding, to ambiance & roses in their suite! How lucky we are to see happiness, joy & anticipation on our guests’ faces. We are so fortunate to be hosts @ Heathcote Haven B & B. Raven, our Lab, feels fortunate, too, as she gets the joyful touches!

Awesome Sky!

Last night, during an evening walk with my son who was visiting, our eyes were drawn to the sky in the south-east.  The moon was a day away from being full & below it was a white cloud formation that appeared to me  to have a shape of a porpoise, held in the sky by pink & purple waves. It’s amazing how clouds can take on a form that is interpreted in so many different ways. Even more amazing was the lightning we saw in the lower clouds as we were returning to Heathcote Haven. No sound, just flashes. How lucky are we to have this kind of show! As you look at the photo, what can you see?

The Dam Pub is “Dam Great!”

We were rocking’ to the McKenzie Blues Band @ The Dam Pub, on the patio, Saturday night. 5 amazing musicians entertained for 2 hours. This was a CD release occasion, supported & promoted by The Dam Pub. The evening started with yummy mussels that I had to protect from wandering hands @ my table. The beer was ice-cold & our server made sure we had everything we needed. This eatery has more diversity than the choices of chewing gum! Imagine having well over 600 whiskies, not to mention so many other options of drink & food to quench thirst or tease the palate. I attended a whiskey tasting night recently whereby Stephanie captivated the small audience with her knowledge & expertise of the 3 single malts she has chosen for tasting! Quietly, with senses ready to be awakened by wee sips of gold, we began. Of course, I would be remiss to not mention “Manicure & Martinis”; a once monthly evening, perfect for “Girls’ Night Out!” Aside from food & drink, the calendar is rich with professional musicians on special nights or casual celtic musicians who come to jam twice monthly. For all the reasons above,The Dam Pub has become one of the destinations for our B&B Guests. Anyone can follow them on Facebook so just follow the link on their website @ http://www.the dampub.ca


Blundstones at Cedar Run Horse Park

Cedar Run Horse Park hosted a Hunter/Jumper tournament this past week-end in Clarksburg Ontario & we had one of the competitors & his parents @ our B&B. Their 3 pair of Blundstone boots tell a story of their passion for horses! Not shiny & holding perfect shape, but, dusty, with ever so slight  differences in shape, due only to the uniqueness of each pair of feet. After each day @ the park, the Blundstones were neatly placed, side by side, as if there was gratitude to the boots for keeping them in comfort. Riding boots have a story & a purpose of their own, I’m sure, but, these Blundstones are part of this family!